Ginuwine Elgin,Elgin Lumpkin Jr’s Father Ginuwine

Would you like to know about the progenitor of Elgin Lumpkin Jr? Elgin Baylor Lumpkin, known by his artistic pseudonym Ginuwine, assumes the role of the father of Elgin Lumpkin Jr. Notably, he has attained eminence as an esteemed American thespian, virtuoso of the terpsichorean arts, lyricist par excellence, and an exemplary R&B vocalist. His artistic voyage embarked upon its inaugural course through his affiliation with the prestigious Swing Mob during the early 1990s.

Ginuwine garnered immense adulation during his solo artistic pursuits. His melodious endeavors resulted in the creation of multiple albums, each distinguished by their attainment of multi-platinum and platinum-selling status. These sublime achievements facilitated his ascendancy as the preeminent R&B virtuoso during the epoch spanning from the 1990s to the early 2000s. It is worth mentioning that Ginuwine’s artistic opulence is epitomized by four masterful opuses, namely “Ginuwine The Bachelor,” “100% Ginuwine,” “The Senior,” and “The Life.”

The Early Life of Ginuwine

Ginuwine graced the world with his presence on the 15th of October in the year 1970. His birthplace was the illustrious Washington DC, and he was bestowed with the name of NBA legend Elgin Baylor, in honor of his esteemed namesake. Ginuwine, a native of the District of Columbia, pursued his academic endeavors at the esteemed Forestville Military Academy in Forestville, Maryland. Subsequently, he attained his educational laurels at Prince George Community College, an institution nestled in Largo, Maryland, wherein he acquired an associate degree in the realm of paralegal studies.

Personal Life

The nascent stages of Ginuwine’s existence were marred by profound personal tragedy. He was confronted with the devastating loss of both his parents. His father met a tragic demise by his own hand, succumbing to the specter of suicide, while his mother was ravaged by the relentless ravages of cancer. It is with a heavy heart that we acknowledge that Ginuwine’s mother, having endured the sorrow of her husband’s untimely passing, tragically followed suit. This confluence of sorrow and anguish plunged Ginuwine into the depths of desolation, to the extent that he contemplated the dire notion of extinguishing his own existence. It was through the intervention of his spiritual counselor, who imparted uplifting guidance, that Ginuwine’s path was irrevocably altered. Indeed, the profound grief he experienced compelled him to render an emotional tribute within his opus “The Life,” poignantly serenading the eponymous composition “Two Reasons I Cry.”

Ginuwine joined in matrimony with Tonya M Johnston, an artist who, under the stage name Sole, exhibited her talents as a rap virtuoso. Their courtship commenced in the year 1999, culminating in their nuptial union in 2003. The couple established their domicile in the enchanting confines of Maryland, and together they were blessed with the gift of two daughters. Furthermore, Elgin Lumpkin Jr., a product of Ginuwine’s preceding relationship, joined the familial fold as their cherished son. In 2009, Ginuwine publicly divulged that he is the father of nine children, born from distinct matrilineal sources. Regrettably, the matrimonial bonds between Ginuwine and Sole were severed in the year 2015.


Ginuwine inaugurated his illustrious artistic journey in the scenic realm of Rochester, New York, as an esteemed member of the venerable Swing Mob. It was during this epoch that he fortuitously encountered his principal collaborators, namely Melissa and Timothy, who would play pivotal roles in shaping his artistic trajectory. Even subsequent to the dissolution of Swing Mob, Ginuwine, Timothy, and Melissa persevered as a steadfast triumvirate, embarking upon various creative ventures. Among these, the magnum opus “The Bachelor” emerged as a resplendent gem, captivating the hearts of countless aficionados. Additionally, Ginuwine’s sonic masterpiece “Pony” ascended to a commendable position, securing the sixth spot on the illustrious Billboard Hot 100 chart.

The release of Ginuwine’s sophomore album transpired in the year 1999. Presently, he is ardently engrossed in the creation of his eighth musical opus, a fact attested by the corroborative affirmation of his enduring associates, Timothy and Melissa.